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Double Trouble for Fall Crappies




What is with all the rain we've been receiving this autumn in Northwestern Ontario? If any more falls, I’m going to start researching plans for how to build an ark. Weather gods, if you're listening, it is called Sunset Country.


All joking aside, it stopped raining long enough the other day, after I picked up grandson, Liam, from high school, for us to launch the small tiller handle aluminum backtroller we keep ready for our back-country adventures into one of our favourite crappie lakes.


We only had a couple of hours of fishing until darkness descended, so time was of the essence if we were going to catch dinner. I must be honest—after the first 30 minutes or so, it was looking mighty iffy. As a matter of fact, I asked Liam, only half jokingly, how he liked his hot dogs.


Grandson With FishGord Pyzer's grandson, Liam, scores big while fishing with tandem rigs for fall crappies

He looked at me with a mock frown and scowl on his face and growled, "Without relish."


Fortunately, my worries were fleeting, and our stomachs need not have growled in protest, thanks to two things a Northern Ontario fall crappie angler should never leave home without: tandem jig rigs and a drift sock.


Holding 2 CrappiesTandem jigs and wind socks spell double trouble for fall crappies in Northern Ontario

As the name implies, tandem rigging involves fishing with two small jigs attached to your line, typically dressed with live minnows or small soft plastic grubs and creature baits. And while I never scoff when it happens, the object of tandem rigging is not necessarily to catch two crappies at the same time. Instead, you tandem rig to make your jigs stand out in such a way as to appear to be a school of easy-to-eat minnows. And with two hooks in the water, you have twice as many chances of catching a fish.


It is important to mention, too, that while some crappie anglers have tried the tactic and tangled up their lines. You can avoid the hindrance completely and ...READ MORE HERE https://www.northernontario.travel/fishing/double-trouble-for-fall-crappies-in-northwestern-ontario

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